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Hey everyone... :P Sorry but we are closing forever now! If you would still like to hang out with Crum98 you can visit her AWESOME new website! http://repterrarium.4umer.com/

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WF has officially closed, but you can still see crum here!

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 The Lot Spot -Buy your own store!-

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The Lot Spot -Buy your own store!- _
PostSubject: The Lot Spot -Buy your own store!-   The Lot Spot -Buy your own store!- Clock_10Thu Oct 14, 2010 4:30 pm

Want to sell your own items? You can here!
A lot costs 250 WFD. You can put 5 items in it.
Every 5 spaces costs 100 WFD.
If you would like unlimited spaces, it is 700 WFD. (if you buy seven 5 sopts, you will get unlimited for 25 WFD)

Here is how it works. Once you have permission, you may make your topic here.
You have to flag your shop every time you edit it. (the quotation mark up in the corner or your post) Then a staff member will come and look at it and make sure your edits are allowed.
You can only add items that are in your inventory. Once you add them to your store, that item will go away.
When someone wants to buy something, the member must flag their post and a staff member will edit your shop. PLEASE remember to include in your shop somewhere to flag the post. If a post is not flagged, a staff member might not see it.
You can make up your prices. They can be in SP and in WFD.

Want to bank with your shop? You can. (go to the invenbank to read a bit more)
Whenever a transaction is made, the money will go to your bank, not you yourself. When you purchase something from the store, you wont have to use your WFD. You will use the WFD in your bank.You can always take the money out of your bank too. Staring will get you 100 WFD or 1 SP!
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The Lot Spot -Buy your own store!-

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