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Hey everyone... :P Sorry but we are closing forever now! If you would still like to hang out with Crum98 you can visit her AWESOME new website! http://repterrarium.4umer.com/

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WF has officially closed, but you can still see crum here!


  • When posting, please DO NOT use inappropriate words. You will be banned or get a referral, or possibly be deleted.
  • Please make sure you are putting your topics in the right forum. Its annoying for staff to move the topics.
  • Dont post any 'spam'. Make sure your posts are not off topic.
  • Try not to make one word posts. You can, but do it as little as you can.
Staff members have different colored starz.
The more you post, the more stars you get. Here is the star list.
10-34= 0 Starz
35-74= 1 Star
75-149= 2 Starz

150-249= 3 Starz

250-349= 4 Starz

350-474= 5 Starz
475-699= Real Webkinz 

700-999= Poster-ific

1000-1499= Perfect Poster
Perfect Poster
By becoming a PP, you will get an AWESOME prize!
1500+= Super Star Poster

*Not Unlocked Yet

Reputation is given if you like/dislike a post or topic.
When you look at a post (as long as it is not yours), in the top right hand corner of the post, you will see a little plus and a minus sign. If you liked the post, click on the +. If you disliked the post, click the -. Reps are OPTIONAL. Please refrain from using negative reps. Its OK to, just try not to.

If you are talking to someone personally, or just want to answer them, you can quote. There is a button on the top of each post that says 'Quote'.  Click on that button, and you will go to the extended post maker. You can write what you like there, and then post it.
You can post a poll in any forum you want, but there is a forum made specially for polls of any kind. To post a poll, you first must make a topic. When you are making a topic, you have to option of making it a poll. Name your poll, then put all of your options in the box. You can select how long your poll is open, if it is multiple choice, or if members can cancel their vote.
BB-Code is the form of posting WF uses. You use codes to make things look different. There are a few guides on BB-Code in the WF Rules and Guides forum. You can also go to the FAQ.


Your profile is your own little part of WF to express yourself! Members can post messages on it, and you can edit all of your options and friends and all sorts of fun things!

Avatars and Signatures
Your avatar is a picture that goes under your user name on posts. To change it, go to your profile and click the avatar button. You can either upload a picture or post the link to one.
Your Signature is a place for you to put any writing, links, or pictures you want in. It goes under all of your posts. Just like changing your avatar, go to your profile and click the signature button.
If you need help with your avatar and signature, PM a Founder and they can change it for you.

There are a few options on your profile you can change, such as if you would like to get Private Messages or if you get e-mails. Just simply click the buttons and it will change. Turning off your PM's is not recommended, though.
Private Messaging
Would you like to talk to a member in private? You can PM them. All of your PM's are Private, and not even staff can see your message to the member. To PM someone, go to their profile and click on the 'contact' button. There is a button that says PM on it. You can only have a certain amount of PM's in your mailbox, so delete them every once in a while.
Are you becoming friends with a member? Go to their profile and you will see a button that says 'Add to my friends list'. When you click that, their picture will be on your profile and you can PM them without having to go to their profile or anything.


If you become a staff member, your name will change colors and you will be able to do certain things.
There is only 1 Founder, crum98. A founder is the owner and creator of WF. They can edit more on the admin panel.
Administrators can edit the WF admin panel, and everything else in between, but they dont have as much power as the founder.
Future Admin
Future Admins might be an admin some day. Only a former global mod can be one.
Global Mods
Global Mods can moderate every single forum. They are just like normal mods.
Mods can edit certain forums. They can edit all posts, and post entries on the WW News blog. They can also make stickies and announcements.
Webkinz Trainers
Trainers can add members to the Lil'Kinz group, and Lil'Kinz to the Webkinz group, and Webkinz to The Signature Webkinz Group, and make sure everyone is doing their job.
Reporters make sure everyone is behaving, and also write most things in the WW News Forums.
Graphics Staff

Graphics Staff make graphics for WF. They can also moderate the Members Stuff forums.
Bots are not real people. They are used by staff to inform other members.
List of Staff
crum98 Nelliene  pup5115 WF BOT
brtswim cat hoodedwarbler23


You can sign up for all of these groups!
Crazy For Webkinz
They can post in a new topic. Sign up to be one today!
Marvelous Member
Buy your Marvelous Membership in the WFD store today! Get access to a whole new forum!
Lil' Kinz
A Lil' Kinz is a Webkinz in training. You can sign up to be one in the Rules and Guides forum.
Webkinz have permission to trade WW Items on their very own Gift Exchange!
Signature Webkinz
A Signature is a Webkinz with good reputation. They can sign up to be staff!


WFD is are special points that you can spend in the WFD Store. There are a few ways to earn WFD.
  • Posting. Posting and making topics get you WFD. Topics get you more.
  • Visitor Messages. You can get a little bit For VMing members.
  • Friends. You get some WFD for every friend you make on WF.
  • Contests. You can enter contests to win WFD!
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