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WF has officially closed, but you can still see crum here!

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 How Do I Get Super Points?

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Super Star Poster

PostSubject: How Do I Get Super Points?   Sat Oct 09, 2010 10:07 am

If you are low on SP, here are some tips on how to get them!

Birthday: on your birthday, you get 1 SP

Buy Them With WFD or real money

Helpful Posts: for every 3 very helpful posts a SP Mod* sees by you, you will get 1 SP

Contests and Prizes: Founders and Admins can give away random amounts, or you can hold a contest and give away your SP

Getting Members: For every 3 members you get to join that post, you get 1 SP! Make sure they include in a post or something that you told them to join.

Drawings: A lot of random drawings will be held. All members that are active are entered, and have a chance to win 1 SP. (these drawings are secret, no one knows about them)

Posting: When you get 1000 posts, you get 1 SP

Admins: Admins can give themselves SP, so they might have a lot just for fun.

There might also be a few other ways. Wink
*SP Mods are hidden, you cannot see them


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How Do I Get Super Points?

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