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Hey everyone... :P Sorry but we are closing forever now! If you would still like to hang out with Crum98 you can visit her AWESOME new website! http://repterrarium.4umer.com/

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WF has officially closed, but you can still see crum here!

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 Super Deluxe Membership - Only $3!

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Super Deluxe Membership - Only $3! _
PostSubject: Super Deluxe Membership - Only $3!   Super Deluxe Membership - Only $3! Clock_10Mon Nov 29, 2010 4:52 pm

You Can now buy a Super Deluxe Membership, and its only 3 US Dollars! You have it for a full year. If you want it forever, its only 7 Dollars! Here is a list of all of the awesome things you get. If there is a * by it, you must buy the $7 membership:

1000 WFD a Month (200 each week)
10 Super Points a month (2 each week)
A FREE SP pet with 1 food
Automatic Signature Webkinz*
Admin for a day each month, if you by the $7 you can do it whenever you want. You can only do this while I am on for security reasons.
Super Special Admin/Super Deluxe Members Only Forums
Special Badges
Pick the color of your user name (color selection at bottom)
Jelly of the week club-Get free WW food each week!
Exclusive items- Get 2 Exclusive items a year! (one in January and one in August)
Super Special Starz-You design Them and choose when you get them!
Your website featured for a week each month (on the homepage!)

Colors You can make your user: Red
Pink Orange Yellow Blue Light Blue Purple Black White(not suggested...) Brown
You can also give me a color code if it is around one of these colors. Green is reserved for admins. But you can use teal and yellow-green (not lime)

[center]Super Deluxe Membership - Only $3! Hm463
Allen Super Deluxe Membership - Only $3! Icon_gender_male
Super Deluxe Membership - Only $3! Hm1008
Shelby Super Deluxe Membership - Only $3! Icon_gender_female
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Super Deluxe Membership - Only $3!

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